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Pure Ganic

Anjeer (Figs)

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If there was a monarchy in dried fruits, Dried Figs would have ruled for ever. Loaded with nutrients, figs come in different colors of green, yellow and purple. Gilgit Baltistan Figs are majorly green and purple with an excellent taste and health value. Drying out gives figs the elegant copper-brown color which is in it, an attraction for the eyes. The benefits of figs being limited due to their seasonal nature are now cherished throughout the year in the dried form. The figs are exotic in taste, but dried figs are, simply Divine!! Gilgit Baltistan brings to you the fresh, high in quality, sun dried figs from the farms of Gilgit Baltistan. Relish in the goodness of this fruit, high in flavor and loaded with health.


anjeer or figs promote the release of melatonin in the body, which is responsible for regularising sleep cycles and helps in insomnia management. It also increases serotonin levels in your brain, reduces stress, and anxiety and improves sleep quality.