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Pure Ganic


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Red Raisins are as unforgettable in their taste as in their appearance. Their distinct color and sweet flavor makes them an absolute must have for the times when you could hog some healthy snack or an instant energy booster. Besides being rich in flavor, red raisins have some amazing health benefits about them which you would want to know!


1. They free your blood from impurities to achieve that flawless skin.

2. Prevents premature aging

3. Brings thinning of hair to an end.

4. Prevents premature greying of hair

Benefits for Health:
1. Golden raisins(Kishmish) put up a fight against your bad cholesterol.

2. They keep anemia at bay.

3. They keep a check on your blood pressure.

4. Golden raisins help treat Osteoporosis. Bring home your pack of these chewy munch-ons and delight your taste buds to their unmatched quality and delicious flavor!